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Refer & Earn

How does the Refer and Earn program work?

It's simple. Refer your friends and family to join Coupert through our Refer and Earn program. You will start earning once they click on the invite link and complete cash offers or surveys.

Get Bonus: When your referral completes cash offers or surveys, you will earn 10% of their rewards. For example, if your referral signs up on July 10th, you will receive 10% of their earnings from cash offers and surveys they complete within the first month, but no later than August 10th.

Bind Referral Code: If your referral registers through the link but is not automatically linked to you, they can manually bind your referral code in their Profile & Settings. Note: The referral code must be bound within 72 hours of registration.

Coupert Voucher

Can I get my vouchers back after a refund/rejection?

Typically, vouchers will be reissued after a refund or withdrawal is rejected. Different types of vouchers have different requirements to meet to reissue the voucher after a refund. The 'voucher with threshold', or 'discount voucher' will be reissued after all items using the voucher have been refunded. The 'voucher for no threshold' will be reissued in equal proportion when the item is refunded/rejected.

How can I know whether my vouchers applied successfully?

Go to your accounts tab by clicking your user avatar in the top right corner on Coupert.com. Click the 'My Vouchers' button and confirm whether your voucher code is unused, used or expired.


The Coupert Rewards Leaderboard is an additional reward feature that rewards our most active users for completing cash offers and surveys on a weekly/monthly basis.

It grants a weekly $20 payout which gets split between the 50 most active users for that week and a monthly $40 bonus which gets split between the most active 50 users for the month!

Of course, these individual prizes aren't split up equally between 50 users as the most active ones are receiving the largest prizes.

There is no need to manually opt into these leaderboard rewards either or hit any requirements first, any points that you earn via offers or surveys automatically get you entered into the leaderboard ranking.

Prizes are paid out in cash which can be cashed out immediately of course - the only exception to this would be if you made it on the leaderboard by completing an offer that is currently being held temporarily for security reasons, in that case, your leaderboard reward will be pending as well unless the offer completion(s) that got you onto the leaderboard get released without causing any chargebacks.

Please note that the timing is based on Pacific Standard Time (PST), starting from 0:00 AM PST at the beginning of each natural week and month.