How to get mobile new user rewards?

What is mobile new user rewards?

This reward is a benefit for new mobile users with iOS15 or above. To appreciate your support for Coupert mobile extension, and we will be dedicated to providing more convenient and affordable services in the future.


New mobile users with iOS15 or above (new users refer to the first time to log into the APP).

Participation conditions

Download the app, enable mobile extension for Safari and grant Coupert all site permissions, click here for how.

Note: each user can only claim once.

Gold arrival time

We will automatically issue the task rewards for logged-in users who meet the requirements in 24 hours, named ‘New User Usage Rewards’, you can check it through the ‘Account—Gold List’ of APP.

Reward Gold amount

600Gold (1$=100Gold)

If you are not a new mobile user with iOS15 or above, you can continue to receive the following tasks:

Enable Mobile Extension for Safari, get 50 Gold in the task center of APP.

Grant Coupert all site permissions, get 250 Gold in the task center of APP.

If you are an Android user, you can receive the following tasks:

Download the app, click login and receive 300 Gold in the task center of APP.